CYCLONE MAXI: first-class dry steam cleaning equipment

CYCLONE MAXI , with its 3 versions in terms of rating and steam supply and its robust stainless steel body , has been conceived as a powerful tool to tackle the most demanding industrial cleaning processes.

CYCLONE MAXI is an essential and powerful 10-bar pressure steam cleaning tool for a variety of industrial environments and applications, in highly demanding and diverse industrial sectors such as food & beverages processing and manufacturing, transportation and industry in general.

CYCLONE MAXI range has been conceived and developed to provide a factual professional alternative to traditional cleaning equipment, with an emphasis on cleaning effectiveness combined with low environmental impact.

Its high temperature dry steam penetrates deep into the surface, thus granting effective cleaning and sanitizing.

CYCLONE MAXI is supplied complete with a set of professional tools & accessories.

CE-PED approved/certified

CYCLONE MAXI  – Key features and benefits
Series 9 Series 13 Series 18
Maximum rating 9000 watt 13500 watt 18000 watt
Voltage 400/575V-50/60 Hz 400/575V-50/60 Hz 400/575V-50/60 Hz
Steam supply 11.25 Kg/h 16.90 Kg/h 22.50 Kg/h
Maximum pressure 10 bar 10 bar 10 bar
Max. Temperature (boiler) 185 °C 185 °C 185 °C
Temperature (steam nozzle) 160 °C 160 °C 160 °C
Boiler volume 3.5 lt 4.6 lt 4.6 lt
Water consumption 11.25 lt/hr 16.90 lt/hr 22.50 lt/hr
Heating time 5 min. 5 min. 4 min.
Water tank capacity 50 lt 50 lt 50 lt
Detergent tank 10 lt. 10 lt. 10 lt.
Voltage on handgrip 12 V 12 V 12 V
Weight (machine packed) 60 kg 65 kg 70 kg
Dimensions 50x75x75h cm 50x75x75h cm 50x75x75h cm
Boiler material stainless steel 304 stainless steel 304 stainless steel 304
Heating elements Incoloy Incoloy Incoloy
Steam hoses length 6 mt (opt 10mt) 6 mt (opt 10mt) 6 mt (opt 10mt)

Steam continuos production
Coupling with a teflon sealing gasket
Out of water light and immediate machine shut-off
Comprehensive set of tools supplied
Marking: CE – PED


Set of TOOLS