Cleaning and sanitizing with steam and without chemicals is the ideal way to sanitize rooms and places where food and health facilities are kept and to fight allergens like bugs and mites.

Cleaning is supposed to be about maintaining a healthy environment, yet some common cleaning products contain chemicals that can harm human health and the environment too. Steam is the natural answer if you require a deep yet safe cleaning.

C.CTechnology units use “dry steam” : it contains a minimum percentage of droplets of water, to remove dirt, oil, grease and any other type of scaling without producing dusts . In fact, steam cleaners are the ideal tool to clean couches and armchairs, carpets, hard surfaces, floors and tiles. Instead, due to the high temperature, you should not use steam cleaning on heat sensitive materials and soft plastics surfaces.

Steam generators can reach a pressure of 10 bars and temperatures up to 185°C, depending on the models. The high temperature kills bacteria, moulds, germs, mildew, microbes and other allergens.

Economic benefits
  • labor costs cutting (30% of labor)
  • reduction of water consumption (80% of water )
  • reduction of system and line down time
  • reduction of toxic waste
  • better Quality Tests results
  • use of pure water energy only
  • easy and safe to use

The final result is a more efficient and cost effective cleaning.

Health benefits
  • higher safety and health and better overall image of the organization itself
  • reduction of exposure to chemicals
  • no handling of potentially harmful substances
  • removal of unpleasant odors
  • better quality of air
  • decrease in risk of accidents
Environmental benefits
  • sensible water saving and pollution reduction
  • eco-friendly workplace
  • reduction of chimical waste disposal
  • prevention of soil contamination

Cleaning in balance with the environment
To figure out our actions sustainability versus future generations, we need to avoid wasting and spoiling our resources.

Saturated dry steam is a totally eco-technology with a strong sanitizing power and without the use of chemical pollutants.
The saturated dry steam the machines supply improves the cleaning process sustainability, with sensible saving in water consumption, detergents, labour and line down time.

Pollution and soil contamination are global issues. It is our duty and responsibility to find solutions and invest in applications able to dramatically reduce the consumption of water and chemical pollutants.

Saturated dry steam grants the best, most powerful cleaning and sanitizing results : it’s an “eco-sound” method to deep-clean and remove dirt and pollutants from the surfaces, without using detergents.

Saturated dry steam:

  • prevent soil contamination
  • cuts the costs for detergents and waste water purification
  • saves time because of its comfortable deep-cleaning
  • avoids allergies and skin rashes
  • avoids toxic waste
  • protects the flavour of food and drinks

Saturated dry steam kills all sorts of harmful micro-organisms and does not generate any bacteria resistance unlike chemicals.

Saturated dry steam kills germs and bacteria

The most efficient method to kill bacteria and micro-organisms.
High temperature steam grants the total removal of viruses, bacteria, dust mites, fleas, mold, ticks, bed bugs and lice in fabric items.

Dust mites cause several forms of allergy like hay fever, asthma and eczema and can even worsen atopic eczema. Dust mites love warm, moist places, including beds. Inhalation of mites during sleep exposes the human body to some antigens able to induce hypersensitivity reaction. Dust mites live in pillows, bed covers, mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpeting, even clothing. One of their favorite places is a mattress. An average mattress contains 10,000 to 100,000 dust mites. Like most of the other types of allergy, treatment of mite allergy starts with prevention. The regular use of steam to sanitize mattresses and blankets is the ideal way to prevent such a disease.

The sanitation process, the negligible level of humidity, the absence of chemicals and the instant killing of germs: these are the major reasons why steam technology is now being successfully used in hospitals, health and hygiene facilities, housing and sports centres.

Pathogenic agents are not resistant to the thermal shock of vapor cleaning. Research has demonstrated that saturated steam treatment eliminates 99% of bacteria and mold on virtually any surface. Unlike other cleaning methods, vapor is able to enter into all surface cracks and crevasses.



These small arachnids are parasitic feeders on blood of mammals and birds. These microbes cause diseases which can be severely debilitating or fatal to domestic animals, and may also affect humans. They are often brought into the home by pets. There are often alarming stories of ticks infesting trains and other public transport. Vapor cleaning is the ideal, most effective tool against these infestations. Vapor also penetrates into cracks and crevasses where ticks can hide.

ticks / bed bugsbed bugs
Bed bugs are a growing concern and people are realizing that they aren’t only found in filthy environments – they’ve been found in the nicest homes and hotels, too. Bed bugs don’t live on people or pets; they live in the environment and feed on people and pets by sucking blood. It is important to realize that using bed bug pesticides alone will not get rid of bed bugs : a systematic approach is needed. Dry steam treatment to the mattresses, the couches and the carpets can effectively kill all stages of bed bugs, hidden eggs included.

dust mitesdust mites
House dust mites (HDM) are common cause of several forms of allergic diseases, including hay fever, asthma and eczema and are known to aggravate atopic dermatitis. Mites are usually found in warm and humid places, including beds. It is thought that inhalation of mites during sleep exposes the human body to some antigens that induce hypersensitivity reaction. Dust mite allergens are amongst the heaviest dust allergens. Treatment of mite allergy starts with prevention. Regular steam sanitizing of pillows, mattresses, carpeting and upholstered furniture can help in this regard.

Fleas are the most common parasite in the world, that feeds on the blood of mammals and birds. It sometimes transmits diseases through its bite. There are two places to combat fleas, on your pet and in the environment. The environment should be treated with a spray insecticide. Frequent vacuuming is very helpful, but the vacuum bag must be disposed of immediately afterwards. The combined, systematic action of dry steam and vacuuming helps eliminate fleas definitely from the environment.

Dry steam: fields of applications, some examples